供应链计划专员 15-18k
上海-青浦区 5-10年 大专
Job description: 1. Customer order & forecast analysis and management, cooperate with customers for changes and gaps in terms of demands and deliveries 2. Cooperate with supplier scheduler, production planner and other team members to ensure customer requirements 3. Evaluate and operate abnormal and urgent customer orders 4. Work out and manage delivery plan, master production plan. 5. Organize, communicate, cooperate, control and adjust in the whole supply chain planning 6. Analyse, prevent and manage capacity and bottleneck 7. Ensure on-time delivery to customers with consideration of company KPI and budget 8. Analyse and assess plan vs actual, find root cause and implement continuous improvement 9. Inventory budget preparation and inventory control / improvement to meet company targets 10. Master data maintenance and optimization in ERP system 11. Support new projects and ensure smooth ramp up. 12. Set-up and manage safety stock for finished goods. 13. Manage and maintain customer order platform, coordinate customer delivery, manage customer packaging label, follow-up on-time deliveries and delivery papers 14. ECR participation to avoid dead stock of material. 15. Handle and follow up projects EOP & EOP material control 16. Other tasks or responsibilities given by the management. Requirements: 1. College or bachelor degree, majored in supply chain, logistics or business administration; 2. Above 3 years related working experience; 3. Good command of computer skills; 4. MRP and ERP knowledge, SAP is preferable; 5. Fluent in both oral and written Chinese & English; 6. Demanding, responsible, pro-active, team player, open-minded; 7. Strong at negotiation and problem solving; 8. Good knowledge and skill about supply chain management, logistic management, warehouse management.


捷温汽车系统(上海)-kaiyunI体育官网网页登录入口-ios/安卓/手机版app下载成立于2005年,主要经营范围为生产应用于汽车工业及非汽车工业的燃油管理系统、发动机系统、制动系统以及座椅舒适系统,销售本公司自产产品并提供相关技术咨询和售后服务,以及上述同类产品的批发及进出口贸易(涉及配额、许可证管理商品的,按照国家有关规定办理申请)及相关售后服务等。 捷温汽车系统(上海)-kaiyunI体育官网网页登录入口-ios/安卓/手机版app下载欢迎您加入我们的大家庭! 办公地点:上海青浦区天盈路66号3号楼/天盈路500号 距地铁17号线青浦新城站5公里


您与该职位的匹配度: 登录查看


1. 如您发现平台内招聘方存在以下违规行为的,请立即举报
  • a. 扣押您的身份证件或者其他证件;
  • b. 要求您提供担保人、担保金或者以其他名义向您收取财物( 如培训费、体检费、资料费、置装费、押金等);
  • c. 强迫您入股或者向您集资;
  • d. 以招聘名义牟取不正当利益;
  • e. 发布虚假招聘广告信息;
  • f. 存在其他损害您的合法权益的行为。
2. 如您应聘的岗位属于涉外劳务合作/海外岗位的,请务必核实招聘方对外劳务合作资质取得情况,同时注意自身资金安全,防范招聘欺诈。


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